Best Health Apps of 2017

health appsAccording to a recent study, there are over 1000 exercise apps for mobile devices on the market.  Here are four favorites:

Athleats tracks your nutrients to quickly gauge the health benefits of a meal. It also designs meal plans, calculates your daily nutritional information and then makes a shopping list to keep you on track. The app’s database includes over 60,000 recipes.

Map My Run is a fitness tracking application that enables you to record your workout details, from duration and calories burned to your route traveled on an interactive map. You can also upload your workout data to view your exercise history.

My Fitness Pal helps you to track what you eat regardless of how active you are. Part of a searchable food database of over 1,000,000 items, it enables you to create your own food  preference database.

Pocket Yoga is a flexible yoga app that lets users choose between different practices, duration and difficulty levels. It is designed for all skill levels.