Men and Hair Loss: Advice from Berkeley Wellness


Are you concerned about androgenetic alopecia, commonly known as male-pattern baldness? By age 50, half of all men of European origin will experience that kind of hair loss, according to Berkeley Wellness at the University of California.

“Hereditary pattern baldness is determined by our genes and hormones,” according to a Berkeley Wellness report. “Sudden, dramatic hair loss, however, can have many causes. In both men and women, severe emotional stress, fad diets if pursued to the point of malnutrition, thyroid disorders, anemia and various drugs and medications (particularly therapy for cancer) can cause hair loss. Large doses of vitamin A also may cause the problem.”

A variety of home remedies and prescription medications are available to help resolve this issue. Learn more at Men and Hair Loss. Follow Berkeley Wellness on Twitter @BerkeleyWell.