The Best Men’s Health Blogs of 2016

Healthline, a leading consumer health information site, has selected these blogs as the best of 2016 because of what they’re doing to raise awareness or simply get people talking about men’s health.

Here are three stand-outs:

Mark’s Daily Apple Written by Mark Sisson, this blog focuses on all things fitness, including nutrition, exercise, and general healthy living. He blogs about superfoods and eating according to a “primal” diet.

MenAlive Written by Jed Diamond, Ph.D., a men’s health advocate and the author of 10 books, including “Male Menopause” and “The Irritable Male Syndrome.” MenAlive isn’t just for men, but also for the women who care about them.

Turek on Men’s Health Blog Written by urologist Dr. Paul Turek, who blogs weekly about issues such as infertility, vasectomy and vasectomy reversal, sexual and hormonal dysfunction and more.

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